A Proper Day In England

I slept like a baby.  After nearly 48 hours awake and 3 small naps it was all I could do to keep my eyes open – which I wasn’t so successful doing at times.  I went to bed at 9:00pm and didn’t move a muscle until 6:00am, at which point I used the restroom and promptly returned to bed.  I had the additional comfort and coziness of a snuggly dog.  (Again, BIG secret from M&M).  There is no central heat, so I have one blanket, one radiator and 1-2 puppies, depending on their moods, to warm me.  By the time I awoke this morning, I was puppyless.  Note when I say “puppy”, I mean tall and long.  They are Lurchers, which I’ve been informed are a middle dog in size between a Greyhound and a Whippet.  Great dogs, though you all know I would never give up my Boxers for anything.

When I finally decided to get out of bed, I came downstairs to find Ryan and Ashley already awake, and Ashley proceeded to prepare me my very first cup of English tea.  Here it is common to have tea with milk in it, and again, since I’m trying new things, I complied with this tradition.


Neither Ashley nor Ryan have their tea with sugar, but I had to draw the line there.  Nobody takes my sugar.  The tea was tasty, and it was a nice accompaniment to the English breakfast Ryan cooked for us.  It consisted of baked beans (an English breakfast tradition), 2 sausage links and a fried egg on a piece of toast.  Also, important to mention is that today was Ashley’s 29th birthday!  Every year we enjoy one day of which we are the same age.  In the past I’ve made the effort to either text, call or Facebook her and her twin sister, Rachel.  Today was special in that I got to walk right down the stairs and give her a big birthday hug.  (Unfortunately, Rachel, in Oklahoma, had to settle for the usual Facebook message).

At any rate, we finished breakfast and headed off to the Lytham sand dunes to take the pups for a walk… or run, as they would have it.  It was overcast and cool, but there was no wind and it was actually quite pleasant walking through the area.  The tide was down, so there wasn’t much of the Irish Sea to look at, yet it was still beautiful and vast.  (Despite the fragrant dead sheep below… I still can’t figure out how it got down there!  There are no farms in the immediate area that I could see)!


Once we were done in the sand dunes, Ashley and I hurried home to put on comfy pants and flip flops for our noon pedicure with Linda.  Linda has been doing pedicures for nearly 30 years, and her experience resulted in 2 pairs of smooth, relaxed feet with super cute toenails – Ashley’s a sparkly greenish blue, and mine a sparkly fushia.  Should anyone be in the Freckleton, Preston area, look up Linda at Beauty Basixs!  (Yes, I said Freckleton… how fun is that word)?


After pedis, we were so relaxed, we each went to our respective beds and took an afternoon nap.

We woke up later in the afternoon and started putting our sexy on for the Army social do at the Royal British Legion – our invitation made possible by Ryan, who is in the British Army and plays the French Horn in one of the 21 Army bands.  We danced like crazy and sang karaoke and had a wonderful time.  Ashley rocked Jewel’s “Save Your Soul” and we were both serenaded “Happy Birthday” by the group – Ashley at arrival, and myself at midnight.  I met some really fun people, and felt very welcomed by the group.  (Even though very few of them could get my name right… “Kia, from across the pond”.  They even went so far as to ask what type of car I own).


We took a taxi home.  The taxi driver didn’t have much to say, and Ryan was already asleep anyway.  Ashley and I talked the whole way home about how much fun we had, how wonderful her birthday was, and that I’m now 30.  I’m enjoying the fact that I am still 29 in the US… for a few more hours… sigh….  On a positive note, my birthday will last 19 hours this year!

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