An Unpacked Suitcase Is An Unhappy Suitcase

I remember when requesting vacation time, I thought it would be a good idea to leave on a Wednesday and return exactly 2 weeks later.  The rationale here was to work a full 36 hours the week I left and the week I returned, thus requiring me to take only 36 hours of PTO for the for the entire trip.  What a brilliant idea… I mean, it really is… if only I’d taken into consideration the amount of time I would have available for packing, which has been little to none.

I fly out today, and while an empty suitcase lies open on my bed with piles of jeans, workout clothes and unmentionables in the immediate vicinity – I have no worries.  I have always worked best under pressure, and this is no exception.  Besides, it’s impossible to pack before determing the appropriate travel outfit: comfortable, cute and complete with layers for avoiding in-flight hypothermia, and for saving space in the suitcase.  Furthermore, it was necessary to find the “perfect” coat and the “perfect” black flat boots to take on the trip.  As these things have now been accomplished I can proceed with the packing process.

I’m eagerly anticipating the potential this blog has for entertainment value and documentation of my trip.  I was hoping to spend my 30th birthday with some of my closest friends, but since you can’t tag along, I will include you via the WWW.  (It’s much more affordable). :o)  Stay tuned for stories of my adventures, pics, and videos (if I can figure it out)!

Ciao-sie!  (I know… I’m not going to Italy this time… but practicing for Chapter 2).

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