My First International Flight

So far the trip has been good. Smooth flight from KC. Interestingly enough I accidentally left one of my bags at the beginning of the security point. A middle-aged gentleman behind me noticed and put it on through for me. I thanked him and went on my way, finding a seat near the departure gate. Two minutes later he takes a seat by me and reassures me he’s not stalking me, but there were no other seats available. We make small talk and then my row is called to board. I boarded the plane and took my seat on the aisle, when lo and behold, my stalker man is there again, and this time has the window seat. Weird! He read his book and I slept so no further issues, however, I’ve got my eyes peeled for this supposed Cleveland-goer. Sneaky… Otherwise, this is very surreal.

I’m sitting at the gate here in Newark awaiting to board this gigantic jet to Manchester. On one side there are several older distinguished Englishmen in their slacks and blazers. They all sound like Simon Cowell. Then on the other side a young group of friends, seemingly like me, yet they speak French and despite my best efforts to study, I have not yet mastered it. I’m pretty sure I’m the only American at this gate. Guess I better get used to it! One disadvantage I’ve found of traveling alone is that there is no one you can trust to watch your bag while you go to the bathroom or food place. If I get up my seat is bound to be taken by one of these lurkers! (You ‘Friends’ fans know what I mean). Fortunately, I was able to strategically maneuver my oversized carry-ons (Shhh… don’t tell Continental) to the less than accommodating bathroom stall. With that successful endeavor behind me, I now sit here at C81 enviously eyeing the ice cream, coffee, and protein bar being devoured around me. I wasn’t hungry last night and didn’t have time to eat before leaving KC today, so other than the 2 packages of mini-pretzels, (by the grace of God an extra package fell on the floor by me), I haven’t had anything since Taco Bell about 24 hours ago. I am happy to report, however, they are offering an in-flight dinner, which I’m sure is of the finest quality. At this point I don’t care! All right… guess we’re getting ready to board! I’ll be in touch!

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