“Smiley Person” In Kamari Beach

My second morning in Kamari, I awoke with one plan for the day: do nothing… except get a massage on the beach, and then do nothing.  Actually, I had two plans, but a late night deterred me from following through with my other plan, which was to get to the beach and watch the sunrise.  I did make sure I could at least see it from my balcony, and then I went back to sleep for a bit.


When I got up and around, I promptly power-walked to the end of the promenade where I’d seen the sign for Thai massage on the beach.  As I was walking down the sidewalk, I saw the same server who I thought was giving me a hard time about smiling the day before.  He smiled at me and said: “Smiley person!”  What was already a smile on my face turned into an audible laugh.  It was unexpected and so cute.  I’m ok with being dubbed a “smiley person.”  In fact, vacation probably makes me a bit more smiley than usual.  I’ll try to bring that back home with me.  One thing I’ve learned is that smiling is a universal language. 🙂

As I approached the Thai massage place, the table was free and I was invited to jump on it for what would be an amazingly relaxing massage.  I always hate going to massage therapists with whom I’m not familiar.  Few things are worse than spending a lot of money on a bad massage.  In this case, it was €30 for 30 minutes.  Absolutely reasonable, especially for the quality of massage.

Once my (too short) 30 minutes was up, she informed me the beach chair was free of charge and I was welcome to stay.  I had planned to go back toward the middle of the beach, but there’s no sense in giving up a free beach chair!  I found a nice spot and ordered some water, a fruit smoothie (which lacked the smoothieness component, but was still tasty), and Greek yogurt with fruit and honey.  When the server brought it to me, it was more like a work of art.  I ate it anyway.


I spent the rest of the afternoon reading a book my sister loaned to me, resting in the beach chair and getting some Vitamin D.  A British family had parked next to me, and they were entertaining to listen to, to say the least.  The British have humor that far exceeds our own.  I always enjoy listening to them.  I stepped into the water just a few times, but it was too cold to stay in for any length of time.


Furthermore, the black sand (read: jagged, painful rocks), didn’t really lend itself to letting me stand there and wade.  We can just call it a lego beach, because that’s what it felt like.

After an afternoon in the sun, I went back to Blue Waves Hotel to clean up for dinner.  Again, I was unsure where to go, but I had done a little research on TripAdvisor, and quickly came upon a restaurant I’d read good things about.

I sat down at Mesogaia, and had the usual tzatziki with pita chips, and a chunk of lamb with sautéed veggies and potatoes.  It was super savory, and filling.  It’s hard to consume enough protein (and water, for that matter), when I’m traveling, but I protein’d up good with this meal!


After paying for my meal, I went straight back to the hotel, without passing Go or collecting $200.  I was so uncomfortably full, and exhausted from traveling.  I went straight to bed and had my first good night of sleep since two days before departing Kansas City.  Overdue.

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